About Us

Fleurieu Food and Wine is owned and operated by Jackie and John Mazzocato, locals with a love of all things food and wine! Jackie and John are a carefully curated pairing. John has over 40 years of experience in the wine industry, and Jackie has a passion for cooking and vast experience in recipe development and curation. With a wealth of good humour and expert knowledge, the tasting events they run are truly special, and approachable for anyone. Carefully selected pairings with layered flavours and house made accompaniments, your palates will be awakened and your tastebuds delighted!

Jackie Mazzocato – Resident Foodie

Jackie directs and creates the Fleurieu Food and Wine food events and works with the team to deliver fun and information sessions. Every since Jackie was little she has enjoyed cooking, being in the kitchen with her nanna or mother and baking. She enjoys creating her own recipes and loves how food takes you on a journey or elicits a memory. Cooking for family and friends is a favourite past-time for Jackie.

She completed her training in Food and Catering at Hospitality School before taking a different direction in life. She has now come back to sharing her love and passion for food. When her children were little she had to learn to adapt foods and recipes for different palates and to cater for numerous food allergies. She loves cooking from scratch and keeping food free of additives and preservatives.

Food can takes us on a journey that reflects the cultures and the history of the world. I like to travel the world through food and I hope you will join me!

I want my food to be approachable and to give you the confidence to create!

John Mazzocato – Resident Wino

John personally selects the wine for Fleurieu Food and Wine events. He is passionate about wine and quality in every bottle. With over 40 years in the wine industry John understands that people have different wine palates and can always recommend something to suit. He is very passionate about South Australian wines and he brings this experience to our events. He loves talking to guests about their taste in wine, the palate and food pairing that will complement what is in your glass. He works closely with Jackie to curate the wine offering. He will bring you hand selected wines to tempt your taste buds and answer all your questions about each bottle.